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Turf Renovation

Whether your lawn is in need of a serious makeover or yearly maintenance, the proper amount of turf renovation can have a significant impact on the appearance of your property. 


Aerating your lawn on a yearly basis is a great way to promote a healthy lawn.


By pulling plugs of topsoil out of your lawn we allow oxygen to penetrate the soil and reach your lawns root system. This makes your lawn porous like a sponge allowing it to absorb water easily. By penetrating the topsoil we also help break down thatch that is building on the surface of the soil. Aerating on a regular basis can also help reduce rutting to your lawn. Aerating is a great step towards achieving the perfect curb appeal.






If your lawn shows signs of stress and heavy thatch buildup it is time to dethatch.


By combing your lawn with a dethatcher we remove thatch and rhizomes from the yard. A layer of thatch is usually benefically for plant health care, but once the layer becomes too thich it can promote mold and fungus. Too much thatch will also prevent moisture and nutrients from getting to the root system. 


Once your lawn has been dethatched it will look very choppy and barren but that is a good sign. It's now time to seed, aerate, and fertilize to start building the lawn of your dreams.



Seeding a lawn is great for establishing new growth and strengthening your turf. A thick lawn is less prone to weeds and disease.


We offer several different brands of grass seed. We highly recommend going with a local blend that can handle Missouri's many different weather extremes.


Dethatching, Turf Renovation


Composting-The Magic Bean...

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As we continue to look for more natural ways to approach lawn care we must recognize that composting is a valuable option for tending to our turf. By topdressing your lawn with organic material we can offer a natural approach to providing nutrients to your soil.


Once the product has been applied it will break down over time and work its way into the soil. By adding these vital nutrients and micronutrients to your lawn you will be able to reduce the amount of fertilizer and other chemicals that are applied to your lawn.


Please note that the quality of the compost is very important, that is why we only use Hansen's "Magic Bean." It is certified by the Seal of Testing Assurance Program.


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