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Fertilizer, Weed Control, and Chemical Applications

The appropriate amount of fertilizer and weed control can add a significant amount of curb appeal to any property. Whether you have a commercial establishment or a residential property, dandelions and other weeds can become an eyesore.


All of our chemical application packages are prepared by our licensed pesticide applicator and are structured to meet your needs. We will first evaluate your property to determine its needs. Everyone's turf has different needs depending on soil structure, weather, accesibility to water, species of turf, etc. By considering all of these factors we can develop a unique package that will meet the needs of your lawn and give you the results that you desire.


Most of our packages include a minumum of six applications. These applications consist of the following elements.


  1. Pre-Emergent with Fertilizer

  2. Pre-Emergent with Fertilizer

  3. Herbicide 

  4. Herbicide

  5. Grub and Insect Control with Fetilizer

  6. Fall Fertilizer

Chem Lawn Applications


The proper amount of fertilizer applied throughout the year can keep your lawn thick and green. A healthy thick stand of turf is less prone to disease and weeds. When we develop a plan for your lawn we include the appropriate amount of fertilzer throughout the year.

Pre-emergents and Weed Control

Are you embarrased of the dandelions rapidly growing around your property? Does crabgrass take over your lawn during the summer months? You are not alone. We have the appropriate chemicals to keep crabgrass away and to ward off the unwanted dandelions.


Grubs, insects, and other creatures can devistate a beautiful stand of turf. With a few easy treatments applied at the appropriate time of year we can help to eliminate any issues with insects.

Weed and Feed

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