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Our Pledge to You

In an industry full of competition, KMS Lawn Care and Groundskeeping, LLC prides itself in providing commercial and residential clients with quality lawn care and landscaping maintenance. We believe that by looking good and performing in an educated and professional manner, you and/or your business will look good and set the example for others in the area.

What it takes to make you look good:

  • A Professional Appearance

  • Commercial Lawn Equipment

  • Experience

  • Educated and Well Trained Employees

  • Personalized Programs and Services

  • Supervision of Employees

  • Dedication to You and Your Property

Why We Do It

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KMS Lawn Care and Groundskeeping, LLC is a family owned and operated business that has something much greater than money in mind when maintaining your property: our pride. This is why we not only strive to, but actually meet all of the above objectives. We hope that our quality service and pride in ourselves and our clients is what you and/or your business are looking for and we appreciate your consideration.

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