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Hedge Trimming

Proper hedge trimming can add years of beauty to your landscape and make you the envy of the neighborhood.


Our hedge trimming service starts with understanding what your vision is for your landscape. Once we understand your needs we then get to work grooming your landscape. We will shape each shrub individually and remove any dead material. Our focus is on trimming each plant in a healthy manner so that it will thrive. After trimming is complete we will use hand shears to make the small details really stand out. We will then clean up the landscape beds and haul off any debris. 


Pricing for hedge trimming is based on time. We will provide you with an estimate before we begin. There will also be a recycling fee for hauling off and recyling the clippings.

Hedge Trimming St. Peters Missouri


When is the Best Time to Trim Shrubs?

Many plants can be trimmed at any point during the growing season. With our expertise we can provide you with proper recommendations for your shrubs.


We recommend removing any dead or damaged material as soon as possible to keep the damaged area from spreading. Removing damaged material also alows vital nutrients to go to the healthly parts of the plant.


The best time of year to trim trees and shrubs that produce spring flowers is after the plant is done flowering for the year. This will ensure that the tree will flower properly next year.


Please note that all shrubs are different and that these are general guidelines. Call us today to discuss trimming your shrubs.


Hedge Trimming O'Fallon Missouri


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