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Weekly Mowing Services

No matter whether you have a small lawn or 200 acres we have the right equipment to maintain your property.


Our weekly service includes mowing your property, trimming around all objects in the lawn, and edging all walkways and driveways. We will then blow off all lawn clippings from walkways and landscape areas. The only thing we leave behind are the stripes in your lawn.


Weekly mowing is an important aspect of plant health care and is necessary as part of any integrated pest managment program. 

No Contracts for Residential Clients

Call today to be placed on our weekly mowing schedule. We are confident in what we have to offer so you are free to cancel service at any time. 

Trial Period for All Commercial Accounts


If you are not sure that we are the right fit for your commercial property we would be happy to offer a trial period before making any long-term obligations. We are confident that you will see the differience when you choose KMS Lawn Care and we want you to be confident that you made the right choice.

Rain Policy

Nobody wants their lawn mowed when it is too muddy or pouring down rain. If your lawn is too wet to mow we will reschedule. It's as simple as that.

Bagging Lawn Clippings

Residential Lawn Maintenance 63301

Residential Maintenance

Groundskeeping, Grounds Keeping

Common Grounds

We do not bag grass clippings unless it is requested. Our mowers are equipped with commercial grade mulching blades and they do a superb job of returning grass clippings into the lawn without clumping. Lawn clippings play a vital role in providing your lawn with valueable nutrients and best of all they are free. We do charge extra if you would like your lawn bagged.

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