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Lawn Care | What to Look for When Choosing a Lawn Care Company

A great deal of thought goes into making any decision. Choosing the best lawn care service to meet your needs is no exception. As the owner of KMS Lawn Care and Groundskeeping, LLC I have grown to recognize two distinct groups of potential clients. There are the "first timers." The "first timers" are a compilation of new homeowners, recent retirees, and those who are just fed up with the monotonous task of maintaining their own lawn. The second group of potential clients is the "lawn veterans." The "lawn veterans" know exactly what they want from a lawn care service and they usually learned what they are looking for the hard way.

Both the first timers and the lawn veterans have helped me to discover what is important to my clients and potential clients. I would like to share with you some very important questions to ask any lawn service provider that you might be considering.

Are you insured?

If the answer is no then you should highly consider choosing another lawn care service. There are many reasons why lawn care services might not have insurance. Insurance is expensive especially for new companies. If a lawn care service cannot provide proof of insurance then that should signal several red flags for potential clients. No one wants someone else's negligence to become their liability.

What services do you offer?

Some lawn care services only offer basic mowing and trimming and that might be all that you need. Other companies offer a broad array of services to compliment their weekly services. As you continue to improve your lawn or when the need arises these additional services can eliminate wasted time searching for multiple service providers. Even if you only need basic mowing and trimming it is nice to know someone will be there for you if you have storm damage.

What is your rain policy?

Companies differ when it comes to how to handle rainy days. Some "mow and go" companies will mow during heavy rain storms to keep on schedule. Unfortunately they usually leave behind a mess. I am sure many of the lawn veterans can tell you horror stories regarding ruts in their lawns, clumps of grass clippings all over their driveways, and grass thrown all over their siding during a rain storm. Other companies will skip your lawn if it rains on your scheduled day. this can lead to your lawn growing out of control during the spring months. Other companies will recognize that the conditions are not suitable for mowing and will reschedule for later in the week when the ground has dried. Make sure to always emphasis your preferences regarding rainy days.

Are you licensed?

If your lawn care service will be applying fertilizer, herbicides, or any other types of granular or liquid chemicals they must be licensed with the Missouri Department of Agriculture. A Licensed Commercial Pesticide Applicator has a great deal of knowledge about applying the correct chemicals to your property in a responsible manner.

What is your payment policy?

Make sure you iron out a payment plan that works for both you and your service provider. Some clients prefer to pay weekly while many clients would prefer to pay once each month.

Who will be servicing my property?

Some companies send different crew members to the same properties each week. This can lead to confusion. This makes it challenging to hold anyone accountable for accidents or mistakes. Many clients find it comforting to know that the same crew members will service their property each week. They are able to build relationships and gain trust with the crew members as they see them on a weekly basis. It is also comforting to know who will be at your house when you are not home.

Do your crew members wear uniforms?

While this is not always a deal breaker when choosing a lawn care service, uniforms do add a higher level of professionalism and attention to detail. It is also nice to recognize your lawn crew when they arrive. Your family and your neighbors will quickly recognize the lawn crew by their uniform.

What type of equipment do you use?

Lawn care services come in all shapes and sizes. Some lawn care services use regular push mowers while others use top of the line contractor grade equipment. If you are looking for nice stripes and a pristine cut you will want to find a company that guarantees you that they use high end equipment. Don't be afraid to ask about cleanliness of equipment. How crew members treat equipment says a lot about how they will treat your property. Inadequate equipment can also lead to breakdowns. Breakdowns are time consuming and they can often cause major scheduling issues.

How often do you sharpen your blades?

If you are concerned about the quality of cut, the answer should be no less than once per week. The frequency of sharpening should be based on several factors such as how many lawns have been cut, how wet is the turf, and how well the mower is able to mulch the clippings. Overall a lawn company should be able to tell you their policy in detail about how they service their blades.

Will a supervisor be on duty at all times?

There should always be someone in charge on your property that you can report to if you have a question or concern. Always get the name of the supervisor that will be servicing your lawn and make sure you can get in contact with them when needed.

Are your procedures flexible to my needs?

Think of any specifics that you are looking for in a lawn care service and make sure to communicate those details to your service provider. Many "mow and go" companies have procedures in place that are rigid and their purpose is to get in and out of your lawn as fast as possible. Make sure to find a company that has flexible procedures in place that they can alter to meet your needs.

This list of questions should help you find a lawn company that will meet your needs. These are the questions that separate the first timers from the lawn veterans. First timers are often eager to choose a lawn service and are looking for the lowest price they can find. Lawn veterans will be the first to tell you that not all lawn companies are the same. While I would like to say that you get what you pay for, that is not always true in the green industry. I can say with confidence that price is not always the most important factor. Finding the right company to meet your needs can be challenging. This list of questions can refine your search and sift out a lot of headaches before they arise. We at KMS Lawn Care and Groundskeeping, LLC are prepared to answer the questions above with confidence because whether you are a first timer or a lawn veteran we have the experience to earn your trust.

Kevin McBride

KMS Lawn Care and Groundskeeping, LLC

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